ATTN: Coaches, Consultants, and World-Class Experts.
ATTN: Coaches, Consultant, 
and World-Class Experts.
Here's What's Working RIGHT NOW to Attract High-Value Clients On Demand...
Here's What's Working RIGHT NOW to Attract High-Value Clients On Demand...
Give me 5-Days, and I'll Show You How to Create
INFLUENTIAL Social Media Content (FOR FREE!) That Will...
Give me 5-Days, and I'll Show You How to Create INFLUENTIAL Social Media Content (FOR FREE!) That Will...

Attract High-Paying
Clients Like A Magnet!

 WATCH: The 5-Day LIVE & ONLINE Challenge!
April 3 to 7, 2023
12pm to 1pm NYC Time
The Event Has Begun!
Join Now for On-Demand Access!
The Event Has Begun!
Join Now for On-Demand Access!
Grab Your Ticket... It Takes Less Than 1-Minute!
Even if you...
Even if you...
  • Don't yet have an audience...
  • Have limited tech skills...
  • ​Don't want to pay for ads...
  •  Hate marketing....
  •  Despise social media...
  • ​ Don't want to dance on TikTok!
  •  Hate marketing....
  •  Despise social media...
  • ​ Don't want to dance on TikTok!


Stop The Confusion of Staring At a Computer Screen
and Not Knowing What To Do!


  • Coaches, Consultants, World-Class Experts, and Online Entrepreneuers
  • The DREAM CLIENT ATTRACTION Challenge. Turn Your Social Media Content into a Client Attraction Magnet
  • Live & Online in a 5-Day Virtual Event
  • Monday, April 3 to Friday, April 7, 2023
  • 12:00pm to 12:55pm EDT Daily
  • Get 30-Days Replay Access in Our Private Community
  • Because the Biggest Problem In Your Business Isn't That You're Not Getting Enough "Traffic"
  • Because Spending Money on Ads Would Just Produce "Even MORE Zero..."
  • Because You've Tired of Wasting Time - Only to Accidentally Train Your Audience to Ignore You!
  • Because You're Tired of Blaming Everything Else - And It's Your Messaging That Needs to Change!
  • It's Just $27. Click The Purple Button Below to Start Your Registration, and Then Take Less Than a Minute to Finishing Signing Up on the Next Page
If You Want a Consistent Flow of Pre-Sold Clients, the Only Way to Do It Is
Through a Consistent Content Strategy with a Focus on


the Exclusive Place to Get These Secrets Delivered To You!
 WATCH: Ethical Belief-Shifting Persuasion...



It's the Person Who...
  Is Already SOLD On Working Specifically With You
  Isn't a Pain During the Experience of Working With Them
  Follows Your Instructions
  Is Already Expecting the Process to Be Successful
  Makes Full Use Of Your Products or Services
  Is The Most Likely To Leave You 5-Star Reviews and Send You Referrals!



3 Secrets of Ethical Persuasion
We're not wasting any time! We'll kick off the "Dream Client Attraction" Challenge by revealing to you the three essential foundations so that you...
  Uncover the secret "sales funnel" that already exists in the mind of your dream client, and why understanding this principle is more effective than ANY technology out there.
  Can ethically mind-read your audience to handle objections in a way that shifts beliefs.
  Start to design your marketing playbook so that you know which psychological triggers and emotions actually NEED to be activated to hear a faster YES and process more sales.
Become an Irresistible Solution
Inside of you is a specific "Magic Secret" that up until now - most of you haven't been expressing the true value of to your desired clients. I'll show you how...
  Create maximum impact in a rapid amount of time.
  Easily stand out as an authority that truly solves peoples' problems.
  Communicate effective value so that your message STICKS in peoples' minds.
Influential Word Wizardry
This is where we'll truly take the guesswork out of WHAT TO SAY and HOW TO SAY IT. Together, we're going to workshop the exact language patterns...
  Stand out even in a crowded space.
  Covertly speak the unconscious language of your audiences' desires.
  Benefit from interactive workshopping so that you'll leave this event confident to jump into dream client attraction.
Audience Attraction Secrets
Have you ever had that experience where you spent a ton of time creating something in hopes of promoting your business, only for it to receive zero interaction and zero purchases? I'm going to help you discover...
  The simple-and-direct "stop the scroll" secrets to win the attention even in a crowded space.
  A formula that will easily solve the problem of staying consistent being top-of-mind to your ideal clients. 
  Engineer your unique system to easily position yourself as the best choice to the right people. 
Stack Desire to Create More Sales
This final day is one you will NOT want to miss. The way that most people attempt to deliver their products and services misses the mark on what your audience truly wants. When you change the way you speak about your clients' journey...
  You will hear a YES even faster.
  They subconsciously begin to sell themselves into your products and services.
  You will understand the right psychological triggers to activate on a consistent basis.
If You're Not Creating the RIGHT Influential Content,

You're Losing Money
and Not Helping People.

Markets are MORE SATURATED Than Ever Before...
Which Means Mastering Your Messaging is THE MOST IMPORTANT THING You Can Do Right Now!
Which Means Mastering Your Messaging is THE MOST IMPORTANT THING You Can Do Right Now!
Jason Linett

From: Jason Linett

Where: Orlando, Florida

What does it mean to "Attract Your Dream Clients?"

These are the people who show up "Pre-Sold" not just on your products and services, but also "Pre-Sold" on specifically working with you.

It's NOT just that they're willing to buy and that they have a pulse.


It's that they're serious about making a change in their lives, and they're ready to go through the journey to make it happen exclusively with you.

In the online training space, I did something that's unfortunately unique...

I ran a successful business of my own more than than a dozen years, serving my own clients, creating my own success...


If you're sick and tired of being virtually invisible and you're ready to take action in a new, exciting, and fun way - this LIVE 5-Day Challenge is for you!


You're passionate about serving your clients, but when it's time to publish online to attract them... you're stuck on how to express the full value so they show up ready to buy.
You've spent countless hours preparing something to broadcast to your list or publish on social media... only to remain invisible as it barely gets any views or engagement.
You're tired of being the best-kept secret to the people you KNOW you can help... while others who are clearly less passionate than you seem to be thriving.
You know your business can change peoples' lives... but the fear of getting started or doing something wrong holds you back from publishing the necessary promotional content to GROW YOUR BUSINESS.
If You've Experienced Even Just ONE of These Feelings, Then Grab Your Ticket for this LIVE 5-Day Challenge Today!
If You've Experienced Even Just ONE of
These Feelings, Then Grab Your Ticket for this
LIVE 5-Day Challenge Today!

Here is How This Challenge
Will Work For You...

The event is only $27 to join. 
We're going to meet together for five days: Monday, April 3 to Friday, April 7, 2023

As soon as you get your ticket to the event for only $27, you'll get private access to an exclusive online community where the LIVE TRAINING will broadcast every day from 12:00pm to 1:00pm in the NYC time zone.

Replays will be available for 30-Days inside the private community. 
We'll meet for 60-minutes a day to do a deep dive into the exact linguistic principles you need to break through the noise of online marketing, stand out as an authority, and craft the RIGHT irresistible messaging to "stop the scroll" and win the attention of your potential dream clients.

You will receive:

Step-by-Step Training to Activate the Power of Your NEW Influential Messaging.

Proven Frameworks So That Your Online Promotion is As Easy As Fill-in-the-Blank Writing!

Valuable Feedback Opportunities to Stop Guessing and Start Using What Has Been Proven to Work.

• A Community of Excited Professionals Who Are Ready to Take Action and Stop Believing the Negative Stories and Excuses That Plague Other Business Owners!

Massive Value. 
Problems Solved.
Questions Answered.

Just $27.

Need help? Call 1.800.850.7082 or email
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